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3 Walks to remember in Dublin

By on Nov 6, 2014 in City Guides | 0 comments

How do you like to explore a new city? Riding in a tourist bus? In a car? In a bike? Or just by walking? Being a small town girl, when I first came to study in a big city, I was told repeatedly that the only way you will know the city streets and by-lanes is by walking. And of course I remember the roads even today, after 10 years. Five years at the university and then 2 more years in the same area definitely helped me know the city better. I remember one particular day especially, we had ventured out to go to a movie theater a few miles away, when there was a transport strike, and so we walked all the way, watched the movie and walked back again, and it rained!  It was my first year in the university, and I totally loved the freedom, and the adventure. Till today I love to discover a new place by walking. Dublin city center is quite compact hence offers great walks, no specific route...

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