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5 least known and most beautiful railway stations in India

By on Mar 31, 2015 in Short Experiences | 0 comments

There’s something about trains that cannot be replaced by any other form of transport. Iain who is traveling around the world in 100 trains would tell you that. The rolling country side, the rhythmic rolling that brings day dreams and afternoon slumber, the thunder of the passing locomotives on rails are what this world’s rail anoraks live and die by. As attractive as the trains get, the stations they roll into are seldom any less impressive. From acres of colonial architecture to quaint two-room hill stations, these places are wonders by themselves. Here are India’s some of the quaintest, most beautiful railway stations   [RELATED: Spectacular Journeys on the Indian Railways] 1. Ghum, Darjeeling   Ghum (also spelt Ghoom) is a small hill station in the Darjeeling Himalayan hill region of West Bengal. Ghum is the meeting point of several roads. The Hill Cart...

Top 5 romantic Goa restaurants for that perfect dinner

By on Mar 27, 2015 in City Guides | 0 comments

Goa is definitely the place to go to be a part of the  hip and happening crowd. The parties here are phenomenal. At the same time Goa happens to be a hot destination for newly weds too. For these couples, escaping the crowds, the parties and enjoying a few moments in a hard to find quiet corner is priceless. And if those times are accompanied by good food and a perfect romantic ambiance, then that might very well become the highlight of a trip. In Goa, we go in search of quaint, picturesque eateries that are perfect for date nights, celebrations or just simply  a romantic dinner.   A’tona   The reason I listed A’tona at the very top is the mesmerizing views. Situated on the edge of Mandovi river, it commands a great view of the casino boats and Panaji. The place has both indoor and outdoor seating areas  complete with lovely decor, red floors and rustic tables....

5 best bed & breakfasts near Delhi that teach you the art of lingering

By on Mar 24, 2015 in City Guides | 0 comments

5 bed & breakfasts near Delhi that wants you to linger Time is the biggest luxury agrees all. The quiet moments you spend sipping a cup of tea, in the morning before the household wakes up; the extra 10 minutes that you manage to get during lunch time, when  you can just sit and watch the world go by; and some exceptional nights, when you manage to read a few pages of the book that you have been reading for a long time now – are truly priceless. Gone are the days when we had the luxury of sitting in one place and doing nothing for minutes…hours may be! Sadly enough the art of lingering is slowly becoming extinct. The world is not kind to the one who lingers, hence it’s fading. Those who still want to hold on to it, eludes mundane life for a while and chooses to spend some time in a tranquil atmosphere. If you live in the capital city or around, here are some...

5 best restaurants in Kolkata for amazing breakfasts

By on Mar 21, 2015 in City Guides | 0 comments

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say, and I feel when traveling, many of us do not do enough justice to this meal. We tend to have whatever is available nearby, before we venture out for the day. Since every country and culture has some typical breakfast food, it is essential to explore your options before gorging on bread and butter and venturing out. Kolkata was always known for its affair with food. Hence, it is necessary to know what this city has to offer for the first meal of the day.   A very English affair at the Flury’s   If you are looking for a perfect start to your trip in Kolkata or let’s just say a perfect start to your day, straight head to this legendary tearoom right on Park Street. Breakfast is served here all day, which means you get that extra time to linger on bed and have a brunch instead of a breakfast. Flury’s,...

3 Walks to remember in Dublin

By on Nov 6, 2014 in City Guides | 0 comments

How do you like to explore a new city? Riding in a tourist bus? In a car? In a bike? Or just by walking? Being a small town girl, when I first came to study in a big city, I was told repeatedly that the only way you will know the city streets and by-lanes is by walking. And of course I remember the roads even today, after 10 years. Five years at the university and then 2 more years in the same area definitely helped me know the city better. I remember one particular day especially, we had ventured out to go to a movie theater a few miles away, when there was a transport strike, and so we walked all the way, watched the movie and walked back again, and it rained!  It was my first year in the university, and I totally loved the freedom, and the adventure. Till today I love to discover a new place by walking. Dublin city center is quite compact hence offers great walks, no specific route...

Best of Hong Kong’s underground dining – inside private home kitchens

By on Oct 17, 2014 in City Guides | 0 comments

The concept of Underground Kitchen has been there for a long time. Guestaurant, Supper Club, Closed Door Dining are the other names for it which kind of clears the idea of what it is exactly. However these establishments are all legitimate. There are other kinds of eateries, that are operated without license issued by the government, the Speakeasies. A Private Kitchen seems to be a mix of both. Excessive rents of properties in Hong Kong has led to the rise of these Private Kitchens which runs from residential buildings or private homes. Apart from the financial profit, it also allows a chef to experiment with food in their own way and not be limited by the fixed menu of restaurants. Lots of Private Kitchens have come up since then and most of the places are licensed now, thanks to the lenient policies of government for clubs. Many kitchens offer cooking classes and serve food later....

5 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Dream Of Singapore

By on Oct 16, 2014 in City Guides | 0 comments

I was a late adopter to Instagram which is unusual for a new-tool junkie like me. The filters, the awkward square aspect ratio, half-eaten food plates, the pig-face seifes – they turned me off. Soon however, the creatives landed on Instagram. iPhonography became a proper term in the lens-craving communities world wide. Instagram is like a hot-bed of extremities. Within the potpourri are fantastic photographers who really know how to capture the essence of places and moments.  Here are the top 5 Instagram accounts that will make you drool over Singapore.   1. Darren Soh   Award-winning photographer Darren Soh trained as a sociologist and once contemplated full time academia but realised he much prefers creating photographs than writing about them.  Darren is based in Singapore and is also a contributing photographer for Travel+Leisure South East Asia and a member of...

Eating on the go – 4 offbeat food experiences in Bangalore

By on Sep 18, 2014 in City Guides | 0 comments

The food scenario in India has changed in a huge way. More people are getting involved in the industry and setting new standards. We are more open to experimenting with new kinds of cuisines or fusion food. For a discerning foodie, a place needs to have the proper balance between the quality of food and the ambiance. It’s an art form. In Bangalore, we go in search of some quaint and charming eateries.   It can not get any more quaint   Secret Garden Cafe fully lives up to its name.  The location is a bit difficult to find – tucked away in a cul de sac lined with apartments, Secret Garden Cafe is in a terracotta tiled terrace of a house. The cafe is unique in its own way, as they serve home cooked food made from scratch, inspired by several cuisines from across the globe.  Nirada Harendra and Smita Satyanath are the two ladies behind this beautiful concept....

Dining in the Dark – Nox, Singapore

By on Sep 18, 2014 in City Guides | 0 comments

Power cuts were very common when I was growing up. It was also during this time, that I got addicted to television. Power cuts meant missing our favorite soap or show. It also meant that we were forced to sit together as a family and  to kill time during the long hours of darkness we played all sorts of games, sang songs, had long conversations, enjoyed candle light dinners on the terrace or just sat silently on a rainy night, enjoying the “bliss of solitude and nature”. When a visually impaired clergyman in Zurich Jorge Spielmann invited guests to dine with him, his guests wore blindfolds through out the meal out of respect for their host. But soon they found, how profound the whole dining experience became with the blindfold. Not only the food tasted better the conversation was more meaningful since everybody was far more attentive. Thus came into being the first...

New Kid on the Block : French Beer and where to find it

By on Jul 15, 2014 in City Guides, Short Experiences | 0 comments

While in France, you may be forgiven for not knowing your merlot from your shiraz, but you will definitely not be pardoned for asking for a bottle of the factory made beer that the French so patriotically detest. The words ‘Kronenburg’ and ‘Desperados’ are loathed by the cerevisaphiles in the country with the same intensity that a child snacking between meals or subtle British humor is frowned upon. So what is that that keeps the hop-heads in France happy? All across France, a new revolution is in the making and its only aim is to usurp the fiefdom of beer lovers from mass delivered, industrially produced beers such as the Kronenburg. Given that France is surrounded by two of the best beer producing countries in the world; Belgium and Germany, one would have thought the French would have jumped on the ‘craft beer’ bandwagon long back. Well actually, they did! Way back before the World...

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