Holidays in a Galaxy Far Far Away

Say you are a humble worker bee on the DeathStar and fancied a vacation on Tatooine or Coruscant or one of the outer rim planets, how would you go about planning such a thing?

Why? You’d ask us, of course. Not only do we plan amazing vacations here on Earth, we do an equally amazing job for people wanting to hyperspace across the universe. Here’s what one of our guides Vaishnavi planned for the intrepid explorer:

I must say the Death Star HR did an awesome thing by asking you to take a vacation! Your choice of destinations are brilliant as well, and it is my pleasure to help plan this trip perfectly!

Since you’re based on the Death Star, I would suggest you start with Tatooine, hop over to Bespin, next to Coruscant and end your trip at Earth before you zoom back to the Death Star. Let me guide you through the trip, as I see it for you!

(Source: elfidomx)

Read the full trip.

And boy, wasn’t the vacationer pleased!

Remember to give us a shout if you have trouble deciding where to head for your vacation – either here on Earth or somewhere far across the galaxy!

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