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Introducing locals, a new way to explore cities

By on Mar 13, 2012 in General, News | 0 comments

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Late last year, I was on a trip to New Delhi, India. A city I have been to previously, but never explored in great detail. After having planned and picked up a few tips from our own awesome planners here at mygola, I was confident of seeing a few things I hadn’t before. Eventually, I did, but while walking about the fabulous area of Hauz Khas, I kept wondering “What if I could speak to someone who knows this place inside out – the best streets to walk on, the hidden places to get fabulous food? The places that most guidebooks omit and only a local would know about?

Fast forward a few months and I can do exactly that!

mygola locals is a new service from us lets you talk to a local and ask them any question about the city you’re visiting – from bars & nightlife to the best places to hang out with kids! Get the authentic travel experience, see the best sights, eat great food and hang out at places that only the locals know!¬†We completely anonymize your details, so the local will never know your name or your number, so you always remain safe.

The service is available here and if you have a device that runs Android, you can download the dedicated app from the Market.

Note: the service right now is available only for Austin, Texas but we will be expanding it to hundreds of new cities shortly.

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